A practical guide to find a new IT job in 2019

Sometimes Sunday dread is a sign that it's time to look for a new job. We've got you covered with our IT Job Search Guide
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If you wake up on Sundays filled with dread because you know that you're just a day away from returning to work, then you are suffering from what's been deemed the "Sunday Scaries." It's a frighteningly common feeling. Recent LinkedIn research found that 80 percent of professionals report feeling the Sunday Scaries, and a striking 90 percent of Millennials and Generation Z reported feeling it too. 

The good news is that just because you're feeling this dread and anxiety, doesn't mean you need a new job. The same research found that the main reason respondents reported feeling the Monday morning dread wasn't because they didn't like their jobs but rather, because they were worried about their workload and balancing tasks in their personal and professional lives. 

But let's face it, sometimes that Sunday dread is a sign that it's time to look for a new job. Of course, that in itself can stir up other anxieties. Looking for a new job means polishing up your resume, dusting off your LinkedIn profile, showing off in job interviews, and if you're fortunate to get an offer, doing the awkward salary negotiation dance. We'd like to help. 

If one of your goals in 2019 is to find a new job in IT, we've got a guide packed with practical advice. We've interviewed experts from major recruiting agencies to find out what you need to set yourself apart on your job hunt. 

IT Job Searching 2019: A Practical Guide

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  • How to know when it's time to find a new IT job
  • Is your career stalled? 7 tips to get back on track
  • 7 skills every professional IT resume needs
  • 7 ways to win the CIO role you covet
  • Top soft skills for IT leaders and how to master them
  • 5 LinkedIn tips to strengthen your personal brand
  • 4 ways to showcase your emotional intelligence on a job interview
  • 10 IT salary negotiation Do's and Don'ts
  • IT salary extras: 5 perks worth pursuing
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